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Application Development

C#, Visual Basic, VB.NET, SQL, UNIX shell scripting, PICK BASIC, and web technologies

Programming & Management

Database Platforms

Our programmers have experience with the following database platforms and languages:

- D3
- Universe
- UniData
- jBase
- SQL Server
- Access


Superior IT Services
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“It is our mission to help enterprises find the best IT solutions to meet their unique needs.”
Mike Dettle (co-owner)

Superior IT Services

1306 County Rd F West
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55112

Your Business IT Partner

Superior IT Services focuses attention on your business with:

• Custom software design and development
• Fixed-bid and hourly projects
• Existing software modifications
• Bug fix and issue resolution
• WEB Portals for PICK data
• System Administration
• Hardware and Database tuning
• System performance monitoring
• System upgrades and migration services 


Call TODAY to discuss your requirements: 612-217-7030